How ‘Buy It Now’ Works – eBay Help & Info

All of the cheap MacBook notebooks and MacBook accessories shown on our website are sourced through the eBay shopping system. We chose eBay because of the wide selection of cheap MacBooks and MacBook add-ons that they offer, as well as the buyer protection and security that's provided by the eBay system.

All items on our website are for sale via Buy It Now.

Buy It Now - how it works
Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy on eBay. When you see the icon next to a listing, or see a Buy It Now price in a listing, you can purchase the item right away at a set price without waiting for the auction to end.

There are two types of Buy It Now listings:

  • Items that have a Buy It Now price only (no bidding) - you can purchase the item right away.
  • Items that have a Buy It Now and a bid price - you can choose to use Buy It Now to purchase the item immediately OR you can place a bid and compete in the online auction.

Important: For Buy It Now items that have both a bid price and a Buy It Now price, the Buy It Now price will disappear once a bid is placed. So act quickly!

If you're already an eBay member, buying through our website is easy:

  • browse our pages to find the MacBook or accessory you're looking for
  • click on the item to go directly to the auction page
  • click on the Buy It Now button - and it's yours!

For more Buy It Now info go here.

eBay registration
If you're not already an eBay member, registering is free and easy. You only have to register once and your information will be kept private on eBay's secure servers.

You can set up an account now, using this sign-up link, or you can do it during the checkout process of the item you are buying.

There are more details about eBay, registration, security and help here:

Tips for new users
If you're new to eBay it can be a bit daunting. Here are some tips for new users:

eBay buying guides
Buying on eBay is simple - here's a quick intro:

eBay security
Your security and safety is of primary importance to eBay. Find out more here:

Need more help?
If you need help on eBay here's the place to go:

eBay sign-up
If you're ready to sign up, go here:

Buying (and selling) on eBay is simple and safe - it's fun and you can find bargains, too.