Is the MacBook Air a good laptop for college?

I am currently a Junior in high school, and am looking to get a laptop, and one of the major things that I am keeping in mind is being able to have a dependable laptop for college. Among the "crap" that I am bringing is going to be my "souped up" desktop computer (mainly for the reason that I have invested a lot of money in building it, and accessories), and I am going to be looking to (1) network my desktop and laptop together, and (2) (if I get an Apple) have a dual-boot of XP. Long story short, would the Macbook Air be a good laptop for the campus life.

***Forget about price, because I would be able to get it for about ,200 with the superdrive, so optical or price would not be relevant in making a choice.***


  1. You need to see with your school if they support macs. If they do then you could use it on your campus but I wouldn’t recommend it because of compatibility issues. My university supports Mac’s and I had this class where we would write papers on them. If you send attachments to a PC we would not be able to open them due to compatibility issues. We hated Mac’s during that semester. I guess you could dual boot and split disk 50-50 but that would not leave you much space if you like to download music, movies or whatever. Mac-book air would only be good as your secondary laptop. I wanted one too but after researching, it’s not worth it. It is a weak computer in a nice shiny case. You would be better of getting a nice Sony Vaio which will kill that mac-book air performance vise and hard drive size.

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